One Another Paper is a design and paper goods studio based in Southern California owned and run by Raven Gray. One Another’s style leans towards simplicity and designs with meaning; telling stories through words  and illustrations.

Hello, my name is Raven and I am a mother, graphic designer and an Air Force brat. I come from a big Air Force family and grew up on an Air Force base a little outside Los Angeles. I grew up with countless planes flying over my head on a daily basis and I have a deep love for them and draw inspiration from them.

While I was in college, I also found a deep love of paper, stationery and the art of giving someone a meaningful note. I started One Another Paper because I believe that giving and receiving hand written notes is something special shared between one person and another and brings joy and meaning into someone else’s life. Notes are a timeless and relational act that has connected people throughout history.

My hope is to bring smiles and joy and to connect people through my art.

Thank you so much for stopping by!