And We Are a Go!

Hello, my name is Raven Gray and thank you for stopping by One Another Paper. This is my very first blog post and I’m excited to get things started! One Another Paper has been a dream of mind for a while now. I first thought of One Another Paper while I was still a senior in college back in 2012. But I am a full-time graphic designer and a full-time mommy so it has taken a little while to pull everything together. Anything I work on I do in the wee hours of the night.


As you read on my about page, I am a mother, graphic designer, Air Force brat and have a love for paper. I design wedding invitations, small business logos/branding and party invitations but my main love and focus is stationery and greeting cards. I love everything about giving and receiving a hand written note from someone special. I hope to be launching my own, small line of greeting cards and stationary this summer and a specialty line called Letters of Love! I will be posting more about that in the coming weeks.

Please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and for any questions, pricing inquiries and hellos, please email me at And thanks again for stopping by!

And many thanks to Robert for helping me build my site! If you ever need help with your website contact him at





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